Triple-Wall PE Container Tub 630 Litre

Product No.: 630 LITRE TUB

 The Sæplast 630 insulated bulk container is a versatile tub suitable for use as a fish tub, meat or poultry container, ice box, and recycle container.
  • Long lasting and robust
  • Multi-functional with dependable hosting grips
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Fork lift and pallet jack use on all sides

The Saeplast 630 insulated container is particularly popular due to its strength and durability. It is well suited for handling of meat, poultry and recycling among other things. The Saeplast 630 high insulated storage bulk container is triple-walled with a PE core and is therefore extremely strong and can cope with harsh conditions. This container is popular in the animal by-product industry due to the one-piece design for secure tipping.
NOTE: Available with and without drain holes.

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Saeplast 630 Container Technical Data:

External Dimensions (cm):
length: 120
height: 79
Internal Dimensions (cm): length: 111-115
width: 91-95
height: 61-62
Volume (litres):
Weight (kg):
Part Number: 630 LITRE TUB


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