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All Saeplast insulated bins are made of 100% polyethylene that meets all food requirements. These vessels are particularly suitable for meat processing and for by-products in slaughterhouses. Triple-walled or double-walled with an insulated core that withstands stress and rough handling better than most others. Saeplast PE containers last five to seven times longer than simple non-insulated containers.

In containers made of stainless steel, corrugated cardboard, or simple plastic, bacteria can hide in many places and those who handle them are at greater risk of injury. This means that containers of this type are not the best choice when it comes to handling meat products.

Saeplast insulated bins and containers are easy to clean, maintain, and repair. The solid inner core prevents the vessel from absorbing liquid and it is free of breakable joints or hard-to-clean nicks.

The Saeplast PE container is the best solution if you are looking for inexpensive containers that are safe for your meat products and equally safe for your employees.


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