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About Sæplast Insulated Containers:

From the beginning, the insulated containers from Sæplast have had a good reputation for durability, insulation, and strength. Research has been done regarding the PUR thermal insulation of the pans and it is clear that the Sæplast pans ensure longer thermal insulation and thus the quality of food. Research has also been done on the strength of the PE insulation of the pots, which shows that the pots can last for a very long time if they are treated well. Many types of Sæplast plastic containers are stackable and accessible for floors and forklifts from all sides, and some containers can be lifted with a hoist.

Color options, markings, and traceability are available for Sæplast insulated containers. See more information further down the page or contact us.


Insulation Value – Thermal Management

Sæplast PUR insulated containers are smooth, round-cast double containers, but PUR stands for polyurethane insulation that is injected into the walls of the container to ensure their good insulation value, which results in staying cold/frozen longer than with traditional simple plastic or foam boxes. For over 30 years, Sæplast has developed a unique technology to increase the performance of the vessels in terms of strength and durability both in their walls and insulation.

Sæplast insulated containers are used all over the world in various food industries to maintain the correct temperature of the product, whether it is frozen or iced/chilled food, and the containers are designed in such a way that they easily repel dirt and make cleaning them easy. The containers have also been used as collection containers for various wastes or other things related to the food industry or recycling. The containers come in various sizes and shapes, and Sæplast salespeople are always ready to assist with selection and help find solutions for customers.


Sæplast insulated containers are safe and durable for the food industry, and since the beginning, Sæplast has managed to maintain its reputation as a manufacturer of quality products that provides excellent service.

  • Good thermal insulation ensures a constant temperature of the product
  • Lids are available, but they keep the product and its temperature even better
  • The design of the pots offers easy cleaning and limits the adhesion of dirt
  • Sæplast insulated pots have a reputation for being extremely strong and durable


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