220 PUR Insulated Container

Product No.: 220TUB

Optimal for temperature retention
  • Long lasting – high insulation factor
  • Multifunctional – lid options
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Marking and tracking options
  • Multiple color options

The Sæplast 220 insulated plastic container is a convenient and well-rounded small-sized container and can be used for example as a fish tub, meat tub, food recycling container, or whatever suits the customer. It has been popular for small and medium-sized fishing vessels, in addition to the semi-professional recreational fisherman. The Sæplast 220 fish container is double-walled with a PUR core and a high insulation factor. It is commonly used for onboard storage of fresh and during transport.

The Sæplast 220 insulated plastic container has color, engraving/marking options, and tracking solutions, see more details below.

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220 PUR Insulated Container Technical Data:

External Dimensions (mm):
length: 980
height: 570
Internal Dimensions (mm): length: 880-900
width: 490-510
height: 520
Volume (litres):
Weight (kg):
Part Number: 220TUB


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