Lightweight Nestable Pallet 1200×1000 mm

Product No.: NESTi1.1

Lightweight and especially space-saving, nestable, industrial-sized pallet

At only 5.5 kg, the Nest i1 is the lightest 1200 x 1000 pallet, but it transports heavy loads over long distances. It is ideal for one-way shipping.

The Z-profile I in the upper deck give the Nest i1.1 high flexural rigidity and thus excellent loadability and a high carrying capacity. The special design of the feet makes the pallet seamlessly nestable, allowing for space-saving transport when empty.

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Lightweight Nestable Pallet Technical Data:

Dimensions (mm):
1200 x 1000 x 140
Weight (kg): 5.5
Colour: Black
Material: HDPE
Part Number: NESTi1.1

Load Capacity (kg):

Static: 2000
Dynamic: 1200
Racking: —–


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