Hygienic Pallet 1200×800 mm

Product No.: HYGH1

The standard hygienic pallet with an open top deck

The H1 is used successfully in the food industry for 20 years.

It is made from food-grade HDPE and resists as well to cold storage till -40° C as to temperatures up to 70° C. Depending on the application, the hygienic pallet is offered with locator blocks, ribs, and open or closed runners. In its base version, the pallet is compatible with E1 to E4 Euro plastic containers (400 x 600 mm).

The H1 pallet is also available in the H1-F format suitable for nestable fish crates (400 x 600 mm and 400 x 800 mm).

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Hygienic Pallet Technical Data:

Dimensions (mm): 1200 x 800 x 160
Weight (kg): 18.00
Part Number: HYGH1

Load Capacity (kg):

Static: 3400
Dynamic: 1700
Racking: 1000
Colour Options:


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