Heavy Duty Pallet 1200×800 mm

Product No.: ENDURE7

Robust 3-runner plastic pallet for applications with high rotations

Made of impact-resistant PP – no metal reinforcements – this 3-runner heavy-duty pallet is ideal for semi-hygienic applications and for high-rotation usage such as open or closed pools. The pallet deck is made using gas-assist technology, meaning that internal hollow channels make the pallet more rigid. This benefit is especially useful when the pallet is used in racks.

Solid runners, double-walled recessed blocks, and superb design make this pallet extremely robust and ensure a long service life.

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3-Runner Heavy-Duty Pallet Technical Data:

Dimensions (mm):
1200 x 800 x 157
Weight (kg):
Colour: Black
Part Number: ENDURE7

Load Capacity (kg):

Static: 6000
Dynamic: 2500
Racking: 1100


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