Universal Dolly 800 x 600 mm

Product No.: UNIDOLLY

Features and benefits:
  • Light and strong
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Universal dolly pop-ups to secure loads of different sizes
  • Universal dolly Flip out extension
  • Top deck with handholes for easy manual handling
  • Optional handle for easy manual handling

This 800×600 universal dolly is ideal for applications where speed is essential and space is at a premium. It has a strong, closed deck and is able to load up to 500kg. Its design features 14 red pop-ups on the deck, enabling you to safely and securely transport two stacks of 600×400 containers, even over bumpy surfaces or when used with rough handling.


Technical Data:

Ext. Dimensions (mm):
798 x 587 x 185 mm
Weight (kg):
Operational Temp Range: -18 °C – 40 °C
Part Number: UNIDOLLY




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