Tip Box Container 1200×1000 mm

Product No.: TIPBOX

Heavy-duty, multi-trip, collapsible plastic bulk container

The TipBox® Container is designed to store, transport, and discharge a variety of free-flowing light bulk products while minimizing contamination and manual handling.

Caps and closures for the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries are prime applications with very short payback, substantial labor reduction, and environmental benefits. Additionally, the TipBox Container is manufactured entirely from virgin material (PP) the fully closed pallet has no cavities, making it impossible for dirt to accumulate.

Cleaning is a snap. Stacks up to 4 high. Folded height 300 mm.

  • Fast assembling and disassembling: Pallet, body rim, and lid fit perfectly into each other.
  • Space efficient: Stackup to 4 high (3 on 1).
  • Economical: Eliminates the need for one-trip disposable packaging and improves manufacturing efficienty. Dismantles for empty returns and storage. Eliminates disposal costs.

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Tip Box Container Technical Data:

Dimensions in Vertical Position (mm)
Total Height (mm)*: 1216
Useful Inside Height (kg): 1021


Height of the Folded Box (mm): 300


Weight (kg)
Pallet: 28,0
Lid: 9,0
Sleeve: 12,0


Volume (litres): 1165


Temperature Resistance
When Used: -25°C up to 60°C
When Cleaned until 100°C


Pallet Dimensions (mm)
Length: 1200
Useful Inside Length: 1162
Width: 1000
Useful Inside Width: 962
Height: 230
Entry Height: 95


Sleeve Dimensions (mm)
Outside Length: 1178
Outside Width: 987
Height: 1040
Side Thickness: 6
Opening of the Corner (mm): 200 x 200 x 300
[left corner 1200 mm side]


Lid Dimensions (mm)
Outside Length: 1200
Outside Width: 1000
Height*: 70
Height of the safety rim: 9

*without safety rim

Load Capacity (kg)

Static: 1200
Dynamic: 1000
Racking: 1000


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