Euro Stacking Container 600x400x170 mm

Product No: PP 600/170-0

A durable, stackable container made of food-grade plastic.
  • Stackable euronorm box with closed bottom and sides, and two open handgrips.
  • Also available with ventilated bottom and sides.
  • Available in various colours (MOQ).

This Euro Stacking Container is used in industries including food production and processing, catering, pharmaceuticals, retail distribution and warehousing, and electronics.

It is made from durable food-grade polypropylene and features a solid base and sides making the plastic crates easy to clean and hygienic. The stackable container is available with or without a plastic lid and is compatible with Euro plastic pallets utilising all of the available space on the pallet, making it easy and efficient to distribute.

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Euro Stacking Container Technical Data:

Ext. Dimensions (mm):  600 x 400 x 170
Int. Dimensions (mm): 560 x 360 x 157
Weight (kg): 1.475
Volume (litres): 30
Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Part Number: PP 600/170-0
Colour Options:
Blue Green Red Yellow
 Blue  Green  Red  White  Yellow


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