9-Feet Heavy-Duty Pallet 1200×1000 mm

Product No.: HEAVYi9.1

Extremely stable plastic pallet for loads up to 2000 kg in the high rack

The Endur i9.1 is an excellent solution for heavy loads.

Its robust design makes the pallet resistant to impact and able to carry loads of up to 2000 kg in high-bay racks and during transport, as well as up to 8000 kg in static storage.

This high-performance pallet is also ideal for transporting and storing big bags.

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9-Feet Heavy-Duty Pallet Technical Data:

Dimensions (mm):
1200 x 1000 x 165
Weight (kg):
Colour Black
Part Num. HEAVYi9.1

Load Capacity (kg):

Static: 8000
Dynamic: 4000
Racking: 2000


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